showing off the teardrop

There is just something special about showing off an accomplishment for the first time. This is even truer when showing off something that a lot of people put a lot of hard work into. The students worked together for over 15 weeks to build something truly special. You could tell they were proud of their work because they were taking pictures and posting to their friends and social media accounts. Generally, I only notice them posting silly pictures of videos of lip syncs to the latest song trend.

The school year has almost come to an end. There are final assessments to complete and grades to post but students are streaming out the door to enjoy their summers or graduating and starting their next adventure but last week the Art Department hosted an art show, and the Technology Education Department was invited to exhibit our student work. I had photography and projects from Woods Technology, but most importantly for me, I had a chance to exhibit the results of my project based learning experiment. I wheeled the camper to the front of the school and set it up right at the front doors. To further set the stage, I had Adirondack chairs that Woods Tech I had made as a culminating activity. The chairs turned out great, and the whole scene was impressive.

Camper on display in front of the high school.The teardrop in front of the school

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